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When new shores are your destination: arriving made easy

Directions to the Camping Park Gohren


Can I also arrive during the siesta hours?
Yes, our reception is permanently staffed.

What is the latest time I can arrive?
If we have your reservation, you should be on site by 6 p.m. Without a booking you can arrive by 10 p.m.

Can I arrive with a boat?
You are welcome to bring your boat with you. Please note that you must also store it on your pitch. In the event of questions, please call +49 7543 6059-0.

What happens if I arrive after 10 p.m.?
Without a reservation we will discuss your accommodation individually on site. If you have booked, it is only possible to access your pitch the following day. There is a short stay car park (24 hours) for motorhomes in front of the barrier. Please check availability in advance.

By what time must I have checked in or out?
If booking a pitch, you can check in between 12:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. on the day of your arrival. On departure, we ask you to check out by 12:00 noon. After checking out,
you can drive out through the barrier again with the Guest Card. Please come and pay one day before your departure without your car or motorhome. We can thus avoid long waiting times on the day before your departure.

If booking a rental property, special times apply due to the necessary inspection in each case.

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