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Site Regulations

A word among friends

Site Regulations

Respect is an important value for us, for each individual, for our beautiful nature, in our dealings with each other, in our interaction with our neighbours. Camping Park Gohren is certainly also known as a holiday idyll because we appreciate not having to insist on rules. We prefer common sense, and we and our guests have managed well with this so far.

Therefore, a few frank words at this point:

What do I have to show in order to enter the campsite, as a camping guest or as a visitor?
When you arrive, we ask you to show your identity card – even if you only want to come for a short time and as a visitor.

Traders and people who want to carry out a trade on the campsite are not allowed to enter.

What do I need to bear in mind if I bring my own home or vehicle?
Before setting up motor vehicles as well as motorised two-wheelers, caravans and tents, please speak to our staff team.

Driving cars and riding heavy motorbikes is to be limited to what is really necessary. Even then, please only drive dead slow.

Riding mopeds, scooters, quads and electric bikes is not permitted on the campsite.

If I am staying at the site: how can I enter and leave during my stay?
For the duration of your stay at our Camping Park Gohren, you will receive a chip card for entry and exit.

When do I pay the site fee?
Please pay on departure from 7.30 a.m. or, if you prefer, by 6 p.m. the day before. We calculate your fees based on the information you provide when you register at reception.

What do I need to know before departure?
Please check out at the reception before departure. We ask you to leave by 12.00 noon. If you have booked a rental property, we will give you a check-out time until 10.00 a.m.
 Otherwise we will charge an additional overnight fee. Please leave a clean pitch on departure.

I like it quiet. I’m sure that’s true for everyone, isn’t it?
Yes, the nighttime rest period is very important to our guests. It starts at 10 p.m. and ends at 7 am. During this time, no vehicles may be moved on the site (strict driving ban). Arriving guests may park their cars in the night parking area. Please also observe the midday rest period from 12.00 noon to 2.00 p.m.

Being considerate also means: setting radios, televisions, etc. so quietly that others are not disturbed. This also applies to loud conversations during the nighttime rest period.

The campsite administration exercises domiciliary rights. Unreasonable and damaging behaviour as well as violations of the campsite rules entitle us to expel you without notice.

What about the cleanliness of the sanitary facilities?
We are sure that you attach as much importance to cleanliness as we do. Therefore, we ask you to leave the sanitary facilities as you found them. Small children can use the sanitary and toilet facilities when accompanied by an adult.

What happens to my waste and waste water?
Please separate waste according to the waste collection and separation system (recycling bins or yellow bins for used glass and cans or for used paper) and containers for residual waste.
Please collect waste water in suitable containers. Waste must be emptied in the cubicles provided for this purpose within the toilet facilities.

I would like to keep to myself. What do I need to pay attention to? What to avoid?
Your wish for privacy is understandable. Because we share the site with many holidaymakers, please refrain from cordoning off “your” site. This includes, for example, digging ditches or putting up fences. Please also make sure that no one is endangered by tent pegs, ropes or other tent accessories. We accept no responsibility for natural puddles caused by heavy rainfall. No open fires may be lit.
Management is entitled to exercise domiciliary rights, i.e. we can refuse to admit persons or we can expel guests from the site if this appears necessary in the interest of other campers and for the safety and order of the site. If necessary, we will file a criminal complaint.

I would like to bring my dog. What do I have to bear in mind?
Leashes are compulsory
. Please make sure that the campsite is not contaminated by animals. You are also welcome to take your dog to the beach and into the water if you avoid the main bathing area.

How may I use and store my boat?
Please do not store boats on the beach in front of the campsite
. Please store your boat exclusively on your pitch during your stay.
Motorboats are generally not allowed within a shore zone of 300 metres.
Exception: it is allowed to moor or disembark by the shortest route at a maximum speed of 5 kph.
Please observe the storm warning as well as the legal regulations regarding water sports and fishing.

Because the site is under nature and landscape protection: what does this mean for me and others?
Please enjoy the trees, bushes and plants and just let nature do its thing. This means: please do not tear down, cut off or pick anything. The botany here on Lake Constance is extraordinary, some of the plants thrive here only – and that’s how it should stay.

Accidents in the water or on land, lost or damaged items – what now?
No liability is accepted for lost or damaged items
, for damage caused by fire, water or storm, for accidents or injuries of any kind, nor for boating or surfboard accidents. Swimming in the lake is at your own risk.

We attach importance to good cooperation, also with the neighbourhood, with the neighbouring health resorts and communities. This is certainly in your interest.
When visiting the neighbouring spa and tourist resorts of Langenargen and Kressbronn, please be considerate of the spa activities there, especially in the evening hours.

Moped and motorbike riders are asked to observe the ban on riding at night in the cultural centre of Langenargen and Kressbronn.