Hallo, ich bin Campi! Bei Fragen gebe ich gerne Auskunft 😀

The lake calls!

Schattmaier Bodensee

For many years, “Schattmaier Bodensee” has been our partner on our site for sailing, sailing courses and sailing trips. We are very happy to allow access in this way to the nearby harbour and offer local leisure activities which would otherwise be impossible.

During the summer school holidays in Baden-Württemberg, there are many opportunities for adults, youths and children to experience sailing directly. There are concrete offers with discounts for our camping guests.
However, we recommend that, in the case of confirmed participation, you reserve the relevant dates before you arrive. If you want to spontaneously book a sailing course in the high season, there are frequently no more places available due to the high demand.

It is therefore recommended that you book early by phoning the toll-free number of our partner “Schattmaier Bodensee”: 0800 / 724 288 6.