The lake calls!

Yachtcharter Schattmaier

With our partner “Yachtcharter Schattmeier”, you can experience Lake Constance in a very active way!

During the summer holidays (Baden-Württemberg), there are many different activities for children of different age groups and adults. For example, a one-day taster sailing
course on various boats or participation in one of the courses on offer.

Spontaneous camping guests can of course also pre-book reduced courses directly with “Yachtcharter Schattmaier”.

So that you can plan your participation or that of your child in the taster sailing course as reliably as possible, we recommend that you book an appointment before you arrive. Due to the high level of demand, there are often no free places available.

We recommend that you call early on 0800 / 724 288 6 (toll-free).