Hallo, ich bin Campi! Bei Fragen gebe ich gerne Auskunft 😀

BSP Motor- und Segelboot

Schattmaier Bodensee BSP Kategorie A

Want to drive a boat yourself?
If you acquire the Lake Constance boat licence category A (motor), the official inland sport boat licence, you can!

Expert preparation for the theoretical and practical test to acquire the “Bodenseeschifferpatent Motor”. We train on motor boats with heated cabins, which allows training from the beginning of February to the end of November.

Course price for theory + practice: EUR 459.00 (normally EUR 540.00).

If you have the Lake Constance boat licence, you can obtain the Official Inland Sports Boat Licence without a further test:

If you already have the Lake Constance boatmaster’s licence for motor boats and have passed the practical test including nautical knowledge at the District Office, you are exempt from the practical test for the Official Sport Boat Driving Licence for Lake Constance.
Take advantage of this.

“You kill two birds with one stone!”