Hallo, ich bin Campi! Bei Fragen gebe ich gerne Auskunft 😀

Have fun!

All about the ball

Right next to the restaurant you can chase after many different types of balls.
Bats and clubs and cues and balls are available from the Schnaidter Hof.

PitPat course and crazy golf course (18 holes each)
Children: 2.50 EUR
Adults: 3.50 EUR

Prices are per round including clubs and balls.

Pool (2 tables)
1 game: EUR 1.00
3 games: EUR 2.00

Coin-operated. Cues are available.

Table tennis (3 tables)
Bats: 1.00 EUR
Ball: 0.50 EUR (only payable if the ball is damaged)

Bats and balls are provided against a deposit.

Table football (1 table)
1 game: EUR 0.50
3 games: EUR 1.00


Beach volleyball
The court is available at all times free of charge.
A volleyball can be borrowed against a deposit (EUR 10.00).

Childrens’s carousel
One round 0.50 EUR (coin-operated).